Wednesday Update on True Love 15 January 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 15 January 2020

Maiyya tells Agarth I always kept thinking how to take revenge from Iccha. I had never thought that her daughter will dance on her death. Here, Meethi is dancing and there above, her mother must be watching her all sad. She danced on her mother’s death. This thought gave me immense peace.

Meethi comes to her and touches her feet. She blesses her to a long life. I have never seen this kind of dance. You danced beautifully. Meethi smiles shyly. I have never seen you happy so couldn’t stop myself. Meethi asks her now tell what this ceelebration is for. All go quiet. Maiyya says 30 years…she got to hear this good news after 30 years…how many? Meethi repeats 30 years…I got that but now tell what the good news is. Maiyya says our oldest enemy died. Meethi is shocked.

She says this means she danced on someone’s death. She becomes tearful. This celebration…all this…someone died….this celebration is for that reason?
Maiyya adds you danced too. I felt so good. Meethi says but I danced on someone’s death. Maiya says then what?
Meethi cries it is a sin. Oh god what did she do. Akash looks at her with wonder (Guess he is going to have a change of heart now…m happy). She cries how I could do this….how could I commit this sin. Akash becomes sad to see her crying. Meethi runs to her room crying. Akash tries to go after her but Maiyya tells him to let her cry. She should cry for her mother’s death. See Iccha I made your daughter cry on your death hope you are happy now. Akash is worried for Meethi.

Meethi is in her room. She says what kind of people are they. Even if it was an enemy, it was a human only. They should have celebrated if they wanted to what was the need to include me in all this. I am angry now on myself. She folds her hands and apologizes to God. Whoever you are I know you can hear me, I am sorry. I did it unknowingly. Hope you forgive me. I only wish you rest in peace. Twamev mata is playing in the background.

Thakur House:

Damini apologizes to Iccha saying I know your soul must be yearning for your kids. I can never bring Yuvi here but asthi visarjan will be done by Meethi only. This is my promise to you.
Everyone has tears in their eyes while Surabhi smiles slightly.
Jogi says, Raghuvendra, it is time to find Meethi. Rathore assures him I promise I will. I will bring her back from wherever she is. I promise you. Both pat each other’s hands.

Kanha comes and sits next to Iccha’s photo calling her Maiyya.
Damini asks the pandit ji where to keep the asthi kalash. There must be some process to keep it. He shares yes there is. They have to keep it in front of Tulsi’s plant. They must lit diya 4 times in a day and do its puja both in the morning and evening. You must take care not to do anything that might hurt her soul or stop it from attaining salvation.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya comes to Meethi’s room. What happened bahu? You left the party midway. Everyone is waiting downstairs. Come and finish your dance and make us happy.
Meethi says I cant come. Akash is astonished to see her boldness. She says she cant dance. Maiyya asks why not. If she sprained her ankle or something? Don’t break everyone’s hearts. Vishnu, get her fast. Akash looks at Meethi who stands firm in her decision. He says I think she is tired. She will come in sometime. Maiyya turns at looks at him pointedly.
Meethi says no Vishnu (conch shell is heard). I am not tired but I wont come down. (jai kali chant plays in the background). This is against my values. You know once on my birthday, one of my neighbour had died. Anni had cancelled the celebrations. I was very angry / upset with her. But Anni told me when someone from their own home, a neighbour or even if an enemy dies there shouldn’t be any celebration. My upbringing doesn’t teach me this. She folds her hand towards Maiyya saying what I had done was done by mistake. Please forgive me. I cant come. I wont take part in any of this. Saying so she runs out of the room.
Maiyya says to Akash she speaks a lot. She doesn’t know that my heart is full of hatred for Iccha and this hatred will now burn her daughter. Akash reluctantly nods back.

Meethi comes down in the hall and stands in front of Shiva’s idol. She folds her hands in prayer while Akash watches from the corridor above. He recalls Meethi’s words that she wont participate in any of this. He gets thinking. What has happened to me? Maiyya said but still I couldn’t persuade Meethi. Maiyya has been sad for years and the reason for that is Iccha. But don’t know why I feel that Maiyya is wrong and Meethi is right. I had become an orphan in my childhood and today Meethi too became an orphan. I lost my father and she lost her mother. Then what is the need to take revenge now? I cant differentiate who is right or wrong – Maiyya or Meethi. The reason for this marriage was revenge but now there is no reason left. Why now? But no, I cant change now. I know Maiyya can never be wrong. He tries reassuring himself. She can never be wrong.

Thakur House:

Damini puts the asthi kalash next to tulsi plant and lits diya next to it. Surabhi calls her from the balcony. Twavev vidya chant is playing in the background.
She says everyone is inside why are you here all alone. You go inside and rest I will do this. I will never let the diya get blown off by the wind. Damini nods sadly and leaves.
Surabhi says this diya will always be alight. She smirks and tries to blow off the diya but is unable to. Conch shell plays in the background. She coughs. She tries to blow it off by using her hands but her hands get hurt and she jumps back in pain.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Meethi comes to that same room about which Maiyya and Gomti massi had warned her not to come to as a wind roams here. A lady’s hand comes out and reaches for the lock. Meethi is taken aback.
Meethi says everyone said about wind but thus hand. Who is there? Who are you?
The lady takes her hand back inside. Meethi tells her not to worry she will help her. She checks the lock and recalls that Gomti massi has the keys. She wonders how to open it now.

Meethi looks around and takes out the spade next to the room. On the other side, everyone including Maiyya is seen enjoying, dancing along with her sisters in full swing as Nirbhay plays the dhol. Maiyya drags Akash too but he just keeps walking along reluctantly.
Meethi breaks open the door and is happy. She sees a lady standing with a veil on her head (face is hidden). She asks for her name.

The lady runs out while Meethi keeps following her asking her to stop. The lady comes downstairs and collides with Maiyya. Everyone is shocked while Akash glances up towards Meethi somewhat worried. Meethi watches everyone’s reactions intently.

The lady runs out while Meethi keeps following her asking her to stop. The lady comes downstairs and collides with Maiyya. Everyone is shocked while Akash glances up towards Meethi somewhat worried. Meethi watches everyone’s reactions intently.

Meethi firmly asks Maiyya who she is. She was locked in that room upstairs. She was trying to open the door. No one ever told me that somebody is locked up there since so many days. I always used to wonder whenever I used to go there and heard some noise coming from inside. Whenever I used to ask about the noise everyone – Maiyya, Vishnu, massi- you all asked me not to go there as there is wind. You all used to scare me. This poor lady was locked up there. All said it’s only wind, don’t go there Meethi. All look worried and shocked.

Mama angrily twists the lady’s hand and asks how did she come here and for what reason? The lady is in pain. Mama then smiles looking at Meethi. He says she is my wife – Kadambari. She is ill.
Maiyya asks him to take her sister-in-law to her room. She is ill. I just hope she doesn’t create any drama. Go bhaiya. Mama is on his way upstairs when Meethi again asks ill? For which illness do we keep people locked in a room? What kind of a treatment is this? Everyone is speechless.
Maiyya says bahuriya, she is ill since years. She is mad. We took her everywhere to get treated but it was of no use. So we locked her inside. We cant do anything about it. She can harm herself and others too. What if she does something wrong? Agarth bhaiya takes care of her very well. He has kept her here as he cant see her suffering in a mental hospital. She folds her hands towards others who had come to celebrate along with them. Forgive me for everything. It is over…you can!
Meethi is thinking hard about what she has said but doesn’t seem convinced. Mama takes her away forcefully. Maiyya asks Vishnu to take Meehti upstairs to their room. He does and maiyya watches them angrily. Nirbhay drops the dhol on floor in anger. She tells him to be patient.

Akash asks Meethi to have some water but she denies. She says I don’t know Vishnu but I am not able to trust anything what Maiyya has said. Akash looks up shocked.
Meethi says to Akash since they have come here to Aatishgarh she felt that something is odd. That guy who I keep bumping in to. Every time I meet him he asks me to run away from here. There is danger lurking for her and she has been caged. And today that lady…why Vishnu? Why did we lock her in a room? She is after all a human being only. Why did everyone hid this from her including you? Why they all named it as wind and scared me? You too lied to me Vishnu why?

Akash is uncomfortable. He says that he wanted to but the day they came here then only mama ji had told me everything but had asked me not to share it with you. But believe me Meethi they never misbehaved with her. Though whenever some new person comes to their house, she sometimes runs away or is unable to comprehend. It is also a matter of mama ji’s respect in the society so we all made that story for you.
Meethi says if you had shared all this with me before then would I not believe it? Tell me Vishnu why did you hide it from me? Akash says he intended to but then felt that she would ask him to take her back to her home. Believe me Meethi…do you trust me? CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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