Wednesday Update on True Love 18th November 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 18th November 2020

Meethi thinks about Akash as she is about to get down from the car. Asgar tells her to stay at home while he will go and search for Akash. She wants to accompany him but he declines. don’t complicate things for me. Akash is my responsibility. I will find him with Ansari ji and my friends’ help. Now I want you both to return to your country. Meethi asks Asgar to call her when he gets any info about Akash. She gets down the car but comes back to look for the anklet in the car. It has fallen here somewhere in the car only. Akash had given it to me. she starts checking under the seats. She is about to open the back door when Asgar offers to look for it. Akash is lying unconscious in the back seat of the car. Asgar finds it in Akash’s pocket. She thanks him and reminds him to call her in case he gets to know anything. He decides to keep the couple away from each other till the big day.

Maiyya brings Malvika to her house. She wants her to stay here as her friend. She calls out for everyone and they are curious to see her. she introduces Malvika as Mauli. She will live with us from today onwards. She is like my friend. She saved my offerings from the thief. Sankrant appreciates her act. Maiyya tells them that Mauli is all alone. She has no family. she will live with us as a part of our family. malvika looks at Meethi-Akash’s photo asks Maiyya about them. malvika shows an inkling to meet them which makes Maiyya sad.

Ammi is doing her prayers when Meethi comes home. She too sits down and offers her prayers. Ammi is happy to see her. meethi tells her how she has told everything to Ansari ji. He trusts me now and sent me back here. I can go back in a day or two. She is happy for Meethi. Ammi is proud of her son, Asgar. Nothing wrong can happen to you till he is here. Saba is as usual angry to see her. are you not at peace now that you have killed my husband?

Meethi apologizes to her, assuring her that she will go back to her country very soon. ansari ji has started trusting me as well. Saba cannot understand how she does magic on everyone. Ansari ji left you as well? What more you want now? Meethi disagrees that she dint kill Khalid bhai. I called him my brother. Why will I kill him? you have tolerated me for so many days, I request you to allow me to stay here for a day or two more after which she will leave from here.

Akash wakes up and asks for Meethi. asgar tells him that Meethi is at home. I have got her released from Ansari ji. Akash heard Meethi’s voice. Asgar says he might have seen a dream. You anyways keep chanting Meethi in your sleep. They are going to Asgar’s friend’s place. Ansari ji is looking for you everywhere. I am taking you to a safe place. Akash doesn’t want to run anymore but Asgar is sure it wont last for long. Keep yourself hidden till then as police is searching for you everywhere. Akash falls unconscious yet again.

Maiyya gives a room to Malvika to stay in. She acts poor and offers to stay in the kitchen but Maiyya declines. Malvika chants fake praises which gives happiness to Maiyya. She wants to shop clothes for Malvika now. She heads for her room and Malvika takes out her phone. She calls Ambika. She tells her that she is in her in-laws place. I will stay here only from tonight onwards. Ambika thought that it will take time. Malvika says it will take time to actually win the hearts of people of this family. once that’s done then no one can stop you from coming here. The doors of this house will open for you for forever. Ambika is waiting for it. she wants to be there soon. malvika assures that that will happen very soon.

Asgar takes Akash to a dargarh. You will be safe here. Akash wonders about his weakness. Asgar assures him that he will be fine very soon. A maulvi meets them and Asgar talks to him about keeping his ill friend here for a few days. Maulvi wonders why cant he keep him at his home. Asgar replies that due to Khalid’s death no one at home will be able to take care of him properly. Maulvi is more than happy to help him as he and his family has been helping this dargah since years. Asgar takes Akash inside.

Meethi recalls what happened to Juman Chacha. She is worried for Akash. I don’t know what happened and where he is now. Where should I look for him? God please give me some news regarding him. Ashfaque comes there with a bad news. Akash’s photo has been printed in the newspaper, calling him an Indian terrorist, who is trying to run away from Pakistani police. Meethi is shocked. This is a lie. Who would have done it? Ashfaque is sure police only would have done it. Meethi recalls Ansari ji wanting Akash’s photo. But he promised me that he wont do anything like this. How can he do this? It is impossible for Akash to return to India now. Police has called him terrorist. Ashfaque too wonders why Ansari ji let it happen. Meethi too is confused. He had promised me. it has become tough to Akash to return now. Pakistani police has declared him to be absconding. I cannot leave him here like this. I cannot go back alone. I will have to stay here only. Don’t know where he will be and how.

Asgar smiles as he looks at the newspaper article. Shoaib gets curious. Asgar has hit two birds with one stone. I will keep Akash in my custody and scare him for Meethi’s sake while I will do his life’s deal with Meethi and force her to become a Fidayin. Plus Ansari has becomes too sympathetic with Akash and Meethi but now it doesn’t matter. He cannot do anything. I will do my work my way and accomplish my mission. You have to keep an eye on Akash as he is our most precious pawn in this game. Shoaib agrees. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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