Wednesday Update on True Love 26 February 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 26 February 2020

Damini gets all hyper looking at Mukku (imagining her as Meethi). Run or he will take you to Aatishgarh. Mukku tries to calm her. No one will take her away. She is safe here. Damini notices Vishnu coming in. Save my Meethi. You will take care of her right? (ugghh…why imposing relations?). She asks him to promise her and takes her and Mukku’s hands together. They both look surprised. She joins their hands together asking for his promise. Promise me you wont let her go back with that Akash. Promise me that you will take care of her for life. Vishnu obliges. I will take care of Meethi always. Please rest. Mukku looks at their hands clasped together. Damini feels relieved. They tell her to lie down to rest. As she sleeps, they both look at their hands and awkwardly remove it away from each other. Vishnu suggests it might be the effect of medicine that’s why she mistook you for Meethi. She nods back in affirmative.

Akash folds his hands before him. kanha bhaiya listen to me once. I only need 23 days to prove that I have changed for real. If I cannot win back Meethi and your love in these days then I will go back. Give me my 23 days please. Mukku and Vishnu come out and see him. She comments that Ammo Nani was rightly scared. She is not conscious properly yet she felt that Akash is around only. Vishnu goes down and holds Akash by his collar. You stole my name, my identity. You cheated my teacher didi’s family. You ruined her daughter’s life. Go from here or I will beat you so much that you will forget your name. Akash doesn’t budge. He folds his hands. Forgive me to have used your name to cheat this family. Punish me the way you want to but I wont go from here.

Vishnu is about to hit him when Kanha holds his hand. Vishnu looks at him in disbelief. You are saving him? kanha says, he is indebted to him for one thing. He had saved me in Aatishgarh or maybe his brother would have killed me right then and there. But today the debt is duly paid Akash. If you don’t go from here now then I wont be able to stop neither myself nor Vishnu. akash tesll them to beat him as much as they want or rather kill him. But I wont go from here. Vishnu again holds him by collar angrily when jogi tells him to stop. No one will raise a hand on Akash. Jogi and Tappu come there while everyone else stands confused. He sends everyone inside minus Meethi and Tappu. Kanha tries to resist but is told off by Jogi.

Meethi too turns to go but Tappu stops her. jogi says, I feel so angry thinking about what you and your sister have done to Kanha. You saved Damini’s life yesterday that’s why begging you. Akash holds his hands. You are embarrassing me. I know I am not worth forgiving for the crimes that I have committed. But have come to make one request to you. I only need 23 days to prove that I have changed. I am not the same Akash who had come to your house as Vishnu. This change has come because of Meethi. Her love has changed me. I know you wont believe my words that’s why I am asking you all for one chance. He kneels down on his feet. Trust me haven’t come here to cheat someone. Have come here to win your and your family’s trust. Love your daughter truly. Punish me the way you want to. I will accept anything. But give me one chance to prove it.

Tappu says, why should we be giving and for what? So that you can cheat us once again? If I would have listened to my daughter Mukta that night then my daughter wouldn’t have to bear all these troubles today. Akash looks down. It was our biggest mistake to trust you. I am Meethi’s mother. End all this drama and listen to one thing carefully, from right now, I would be standing between you and Meethi as a shield. He tries to stop her.Meethi is not only Iccha’s daughter but mine too. She is the daughter of the very same person whom your family hates. Iccha may not be here with us but she is very much here inside me. I have her heart inside me. For you I am not Tapasya, but Iccha (if that would have been the case, Icchki would have told her daughter to give him his one chance). This drama (of love) will be over in 2 days. You never spoke the truth earlier; neither is speaking today nor will ever say it. Stop your drama. She tells Jogi and Meethi to come back inside.

Akash begs Jogi for one chance. I will do anything to make you trust me again. I will prove it to you that I have changed. Piya plays. I will prove that your love has changed me for real.

They all close the doors behind them while he keeps shouting for them to listen to him at least. Close all the doors but I know you can still hear me. jogi tells everyone not to stress and go rest. We need not worry. If he troubles us then we can anyways call the police. Mukta wonders how he came here. Who bailed him out? Jogi comments that it must be some well-wisher of his or someone who thinks alike or someone from his family. But he cannot do anything. Lets go. Everyone leaves except Tappu and Meethi. Akash shouts again. Meethi trust me I have changed your love has changed me. tappu advices her not to listen to him. All this drama will be over in 2 days. Go to your room. Akash says I wont go anywhere. I wont go from here till your family lets me meet you. I wont go even if I die. I will be standing here only. Tappu comments that he is just showing off . Go to your room and she leaves from there.

Piya o re piya plays as Akash stands glued to his place in the scorching sun. Meethi is in her room restless. She looks out from her window and Akash too looks up at her. He gestures her for one chance but she turns her face away. She stays put behind the curtains though.

It is night time and Mukku looks outside and finds Akash standing amidst rains and stormy weather. She sits on the sofa lost in thoughts. Vishnu comes there. You are still awake? She says whatever happened today how I can sleep after that. He is still outside in this bad weather. I cannot understand. Has he changed for real? Has Meethi’s true love brought him here? Vishnu too is clueless. I too don’t know but we cannot trust a guy like him. She too doesn’t want to but something is pulling her. He adds heart says, when love happens this too can happen. They share an eye lock with Sawar Loon’s music playing in the background. She looks away and leaves after bidding him goodnight. He looks after her as she leaves.

Mukku comes to sleep and smiles seeing Meethi sleeping peacefully. She tries to wake her up resists. Meethi gets up as soon as she realises Mukku has slept. She is feeling restless as Akash is outside in the rains. They both look at each other on and off (at different times – 1 am and then 3.30 am). Nothing much in this scene, just their looking out for each other but her hiding when he looks at her expectantly. She sits back on the bed frustrated finally while Akash looks towards her window sadly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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