Wednesday Update on True Love 5th August 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 5th August 2020

Akash calls it a miracle. I could have been killed in such a big accident but something else happened. Meethi asks her if she is happy. maiyya agrees. She takes the cup of tea for her. Pavitra innocently remarks that Maiyya dint expect she would have to see such a day and that too so soon.

Maiyya asks Akash if he thinks it was intentional or unintentional. Meethi cross questions her about the same. Maiyya looks at Ambika saying how would I know as I was here. How would I know what happened there and who did what? Akash asks Maiyya to forget everything that has happened. I have kept a party for Meethi tomorrow. Welcome this happiness with all your heart. Sankrant takes the full responsibility of the preps. We will do everything the way bhabhi likes it. He goes to do the same. Akash remembers he has to call Rathore to ask him when he will be back tomorrow. he also recalls he lost his phone in Shimla. Meethi asks him to use her phone. Ambika decides to do something about Akash’s phone first as it is still with her or what if I am being doubted upon.

Mukku calls Vishnu. He is hesitant to pick it up as he is not in the office but walking on a road somewhere. She asks him about his lunch. I am sure your friends must have praised it like every day. He looks at the lunch box sadly. Why do you ask the same thing every day? She replies she might be modern but she cannot eat until he has eaten. A car honks and someone asks Vishnu to be careful too. Mukku hears this. Are you not in the office? He lies about a visit. He asks her to eat lunch and assures her he too will eat it. Vishnu is sad. I am hiding the truth from you. How do I tell you!

Ambika comes to Maiyya’s room. She has Akash’s phone with her. She smirks as she recalls how she had stolen it. She opens Maiyya’s cupboard thinking this will help her now as well. She keeps it inside. Forgive me MIL. I will have to hide it so that I am clean. Two birds with one stone!

Rathore asks the head nurse about 21st August 1988, Princeton hospital. The patient’s name was Malvika Rathore. She was pregnant. The nurse recalls that was when her career started. I used to maintain a register back then. She goes inside to check while Rathore waits anxiously. This is my last hope. She comes back with the register. There is an entry by the name of Malvika Rathore. She was admitted on 20th August with 70% burns. It was a very complicated case. A baby girl was born on 21st August. But there were 2-3 deliveries that day. Its not written here whether she was alive or not. he asks her if they cannot confirm it any way. She denies. He thanks her for her help and leaves after looking at the tick mark in front of Malvika’s name in the girl column. He gives her his visiting card. If you get to know or remember something then call me. he wants the answer to the questions to some questions. Whether I had a daughter who is still alive or not! I have to find an answer to that question.

Akash tells the good news to Mukku. He hands over the phone to Meethi to talk to and hugs her from behind. Mukku gets emotional as she hears this news. She is very happy for Meethi. akash invites Mukku and Vishnu for the party. Mukku agrees. Akash goes aside to talk to Mukku. I have planned a surprise (a dress) for Meethi. don’t tell her anything. Mukku agrees happily.

Meethi tells Kasha kaka he wont do any work today nor will both the massi’s. He agrees. He is going to get juice for her when Ambika tells him to get one for her too. He agrees. Ambika asks Meethi about the menu. It is almost done. You too do it. Ambika tells her she has kept her clothes in her cupboard. She will keep Maiyya’s as well and then she will sit with her. meethi agrees. Ambika gets happy. she pretends to have a sprain in her leg. Meethi suggests calling Sankrant but Ambika declines. meethi offers to keep the clothes in Maiyya’s cupboard. I will go and keep them while you can cross check the menu that I have short listed. Meethi leaves with the clothes.

Meethi is keeping the sarees one by one in the hanger. The phone is kept there only. She notices a stain in one of the sarees and picks it up to send it for dry cleaning purpose. Ambika is waiting anxiously downstairs. I wish she gets the phone. I have aimed it correctly now hope all goes well. Maiyya asks her what she is talking to herself about. She mumbles about real or fake snake, accident, miracles….so much has happened. You took everyone out on your expenses. It was all your planning. You tried to kill my son? The truth wont change by your being quiet.

Ambika feigns innocence but Maiyya cuts her off. I am more experienced in all this than you. I told you earlier as well now I am repeating myself. Play whatever game you want to with your elder sister-in-law but if either of my sons gets scathed then you will see how the real snake comes in the room. She literally warns her. Ambika loudly retorts at her to lower her finger. Don’t even do the mistake of pointing a finger at me. maiyya tells her not to speak loudly to her. I am your MIL. Ambika asks her not to forget she is the daughter of a policeman. I know the games of law and proof very well. Maiyya quickly changes her expressions. You are my darling DIL. I am just trying to explain you. She turns to go but Ambika stops her. I got headache because of you get me a cup of coffee. Maiyya agrees (though she is pissed off). Ambika is pleased to torture her like this. Meethi isn’t back yet? She might not have seen the phone till now. No issues I kept it now I only will tell where it is.

Ambika takes out another phone given by her dad. No one has this number. Meethi is still arranging sarees. She closes the cupboard and is about to go when she can hear the vibration sound. She opens the cupboard to check while Ambika is watching her from outside. Meethi finally finds the phone. She realises it to be Akash’s phone. But what’s it doing here? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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