Tuesday Update on This is Love 24 March 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 24 March 2020

Bhuvan coming to Ishita. He says where did she go, Arijit will kill me. He sees Ishita and says thank God, she is here, I have to shift her from here, so she called from the landline, Arijit will not leave me if he knows this. Mani asks what, you got Ishita’s call, go and find her, I will handle work, I will inform the police. Yug says no, we will inform the police later. Ishita gets up and sees Bhuvan. He wears the mask. She asks why are you hiding face now, I have seen your face, why are you having enmity with me. He takes an injection and asks her to shut up. She asks will you inject me again. He says this injection is sufficient for you. She hits him. He falls down. She injects him. He faints. She says what’s going on, why did he kidnap me. Arijit says I m excited,

I m sure the investors would be ready to invest in our project.
Karan signs Ruhi. Ruhi acts and says yes Dadi, what happened, temple right now, but we are going to the office, fine we will come. She says Karan, Mrs. Bhalla called us to the temple, come, she kept the puja for house peace, we can’t refuse to her, she will be upset. Karan asks what about our project. Ruhi asks Arijit is this okay with him. Arijit says I understand. Ruhi says the temple is far. Arijit says drop me at the bus stop, I will call my driver, he will pick me, okay thanks. Ruhi says sorry to drop you mid way, its imp to go to temple. He says I understand. They leave. Arijit says I know why you are doing this, I will see how you save Ishita. He asks the cab to take him by a short route.

At office, Bose checks all the files. Mani says the files are perfect, there aren’t any quality issues. Bose says I will attend a cal and come. He answers Arijit’s call and says you got me stuck here. Ishita says I should make a call first. She looks for the phone. She says the phone was here. Yug and Aaliya come there and walk towards the door. Yug says we got this address from telephone exchange, its locked. Aaliya shouts Amma. Yug says we have to be careful. Bose says Mani has come instead Yug, he might complain against me. Arijit asks what is Mani doing there, call Yug and ask him to come. Bose says he knows my boss, I could lose my job, I can’t help you. Arijit says I will pay you double, call Yug. Bose says sorry, I can’t help. Arijit says such a coward, driver just drive fast. Karan says Yug, don’t delay, just break the lock and get in.

Yug says we don’t know who is inside. Arijit calls Bhuvan. Ishita gets Bhuvan’s phone and says maybe I won’t be able to call anyone later, this phone maybe password protected, I have to take this risk. She answers and says I want to tell you I m trapped here, someone has kidnapped me. Arijit gets shocked. She says please inform my family, you can save my life, take down my son’s number, his name is Yug, call him and ask him to come to me, call him for humanity’s sake. Arijit says how did she get Bhuvan’s phone. He asks driver to drive fast. Ishita tries to unlock Bhuvan’s phone. She says how shall I go out of here.

Yug tries to break the lock. Aaliya asks him to be careful. Ishita says maybe there is a door. The men come and see Yug. The man says its out godown, you are trying to steal things. Yug says no, our mum maybe there inside. The man says what nonsense. Aaliya says your mum is kidnapped, she maybe here. The man asks why didn’t you get police. She says we filed police complaint. The man says how can your mum go inside. Yug says lets open it and check it. The man says we will open the lock after police comes. Aaliya says we aren’t thieves. Yug says I request you, open the lock once. The man pushes him. Yug says my mum is inside, you have the keys, give it to me.

Aaliya shouts leave Yug. Ishita hears them and says Aaliya. She shouts Aaliya…..Ishita knocks the door. The men drag and push Yug. Karan and Ruhi come. Karan holds Yug and asks are you fine. Yug nods. Arijit comes and uses chloroform cloth to faint Ishita. She faints. Karan and Yug fight with the men. The man calls Arijit. Arijit says keep them busy outside, until I come out. The man says we won’t let them enter godown. Arijit says where is Bhuvan, I have to shift Ishita. He asks Bhuvan to get up. He asks Bhuvan to get up. He says he is good for nothing, I need his help to take Ishita out. Ruhi asks Yug and Karan to close their eyes. She uses pepper spray on the men’s eyes. She says sorry, I can’t do anything else. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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