Tuesday Update on True Love 24 March 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 24 March 2020

The wedding preps are going on in full swing at Thakur House. Everyone is busy either on phone or in delegating work to someone or the other. Rohini offers to come from Vishnu’s side so that she can dance and have fun in the baraat. Damini lets her to be from both the sides. Tappu is going to keep some jewellery boxes in Meethi room.

Meethi is shown sitting in front of the dressing table when Tappu comes there. She finds her sitting there looking all lost but doesn’t notice her mood. She shows her a set which was liked by Meethi. I have got it made especially from Jaipur. Meethi just nods in answer. Tappu asks her if there is something. Meethi is unable to understand what to do. I am not able to forget my past or Akash till now. You only tell me what to do.

Tappu makes her sit in front of her. I know you have taken this decision after much difficulty but you cannot spend your whole life like this. You loved him with all your heart but he…. What you are going to do is very tough but you will be very happy in future. Keep your hand on your heart once and say that it is right. I feel this is all is right. Rest you listen to your own heart. Your this decision wont be wrong. I am with you and will always be. Get ready fast and I too have to do lots of preps. She is going out when she meets Akash on her way out.

What are you doing here? I heard you have taken permission to leave. Then why are you still here? She is happy in her life. He simply says I would have been happy if she was actually happy. Wish you could see what I can. Anyways, have met everyone at home was waiting for you only. You are happy with this marriage. I will only pray that your happiness stays for forever. I know you have Iccha Ma’s heart but forgive me, you couldn’t understand Meethi. She folds her hands suddenly and wishes him happiness wherever he stays. My blessing will be with you always. He quietly leaves from there.

Vishnu enters and stops looking at the preps. Jogi comes running to him asking if he has eaten something or not. He goes to get tea and pakoras (snacks) for both of them. He gets thinking. Now that Akash is leaving this house then what is the point of this marriage? I have to talk to Meethi right now. He is about to go but Rohini stops him. Help me in selecting the saree. He selects one in haste. He turns to go once again but Kanha stops him this time.

Car is waiting outside you want to go to guesthouse to get ready or not? Vishnu doesn’t answer. Kanha asks him what he is thinking. Vishnu tells him he was going only. Kanha leaves talking to someone over the phone. Next Vishnu meets Tappu on the stairs. What are you doing here? You aren’t ready yet. He asks for the clothes. She says she gave it to Mukta. I will check. He says I thought if I could talk to Meethi for 2 minutes. She teases him. You came here to talk to her for 2 minutes?

Maybe you don’t know the tradition that bride and groom cannot meet before wedding….that is how their love grows. Its only a matter of sometime after that you will have ample time to talk to her for life. He again tries to make her agree but she doesn’t let him. Go fast, get ready and take her with you. I too have to prepare for your welcome. She tells him not to go to talk now. I will check with Mukku about your clothes. Saying so, she leaves from there. He thinks I am not able to meet her what to do now. What is this dilemma?

Meethi caresses her bridal attire (lehenga). Noticing Iccha’s pic she picks it up. Wish you were here with me today ma. Wish I could tell you what is in my heart. I cannot understand what to do. Is my decision right or wrong? My heart says Akash is right, his love is true. Leave everything and go with him. Take his hand. But my mind says how can you forget everything Meethi? What all he did to you is unforgivable. What to do? Show me the right way. Give me strength ma. She holds it closer and cries.

Nani is back! She is met by Jogi, Kanha and then Tappu. They all exchange pleasantries and get into a little talk about health and all. Rohini too takes blessings from her. nani taunts her about the phone call she made to her….I am enjoying in your absence. Jogi tells her to forget it. He excuses himself for some work. Rohini asks for Divya. Nani replies because of Pushkar and his wrong deals she has stayed back so she can sort out all the mess (court cases). Nani says she has brought shagun for that makkhi (Meethi) with her. That orphan guy (Vishnu) got a family and this Meethi got a husband. 2 helpless people became each other’s support. Tappu isn’t too happy with her statement. Nani turns back to Rohini about room, tea and snacks. She leaves for her room. Rohini too leaves mumbling something while Tappu cant help smiling.

Mukku lays out Vishnu’s sherwani (wedding trousseau) and eyes it sadly. Vishnu enters and knowing the same she immediately looks up. She has her back towards him so he cannot see her face. The background music pours in. She instinctively turns to look at him. a second later she turns her gaze away down on the floor. Your wedding clothes are ready. You have to come fast after getting ready. Ma would have told you. She wishes him for his wedding. She is about to go but he holds her hand. I love you a lot Mukta. They both turn to look at each other and he repeats his words while holding her hand in his.

That e-mail was for you only. V means Vishnu and M means Mukta not Meethi. I love you a lot. I wont be able to live. I love you Mukta. She continues looking at him and a tear rolls down her cheek. They both let go of their hands. It was tough for me to keep quiet today. She asks him if he loves her but why dint you tell me since last few days. He tells her he was bound by a promise not to tell anyone. But today this truth came out on its own. It is important to tell you under which circumstances and why is this wedding taking place or I will regret it for life why dint I tell you.

When it started it felt like it would be a drama of mere 2 days. He tells her everything….some in mute some in flashbacks of Meethi’s statements. This lie got so prolonged. But now I cannot see any way out. Tell me you too love me right? She acknowledges it right away. I too love you….a lot. But I thought that you love Meethi that is why I dint say anything. He declines. This isn’t true. Today is the wedding. I was about to tell her everything but I wasn’t allowed to meet her saying that a bride and groom cannot meet. And you know the truth is she still loves Akash not me. She is doing this for everyone else’s sake.

Mukku nods. She too knows no one would be happy after this. I am not able to meet her but you go and tell her that we both love each other. You can tell her right? You would go and tell her? she is unsure how can I say it all of a sudden. How will I say it? He insists she will have to. Meethi will realise that what we are doing is wrong. You will tell her right? She affirms. I will tlak to her and tell her everything. After knowing the truth she wont marry you I have full faith. They both look at each other happily basking in the glory of their finally acknowledged love. Sweet background music starts playing. He finally hugs her and she too hugs him back happily.

Mukku is sitting on the swing writing a letter for Meethi. I and Vishnu love each other just like you and Akash love each other. The way you are made for each other I and Vishnu are made for each other similar. Don’t take me wrong I was quiet till I dint knew the truth. I was quiet thinking you both love each other but this is a lie Meethi. You and I can stop this game together. We will tell the whole truth to the elders. I know my mother will be against the fact that you don’t return to Akash but she cannot understand that you too yearn for him. It would be better to face this bitter truth than life this life of lies every day….to everyone. Yours Mukta!

Meethi is putting back Iccha’s pic when something turns the other way round. She puts things back nicely. She heads for the washroom while Mukku is shown approaching her room with the letter in her hand. Mukku knocks and calls out but Meethi cannot hear her. meethi finally does and asks her if there was some work. Mukku affirms. Meethi tells her to go ahead she is listening. Mukku begins to say it but stops herself. I am leaving something on your bed please see it. Nani who was coming this way stops short hearing this. Meethi agrees to see as she is just coming out. Mukku tells her the location…near your lehenga. Nani wonders. She quickly hides behind a pillar as she notices Mukku coming out. Mukku leaves. Nani comes and reads the note. She is shocked to know that Mukta and Vishnu love each other. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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