Tuesday Update on This is Love 29th June 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 29th June 2020

Yug saying you are mistaken, I didn’t do anything. The man says you killed him. Police comes and checks Dr. Mishra. He asks who killed him. The man says this guy killed him, we all have seen him. Yug says I didn’t do anything, I swear, Karan tell them, you know me. Arijit asks Natasha where is she going on date. Natasha says Shardul and I are going on lunch. He says Raman was acting, Ishita believed him. She says he is my husband Shardul. He says then prove it, I will teach them a lesson. She says let me get ready, else I will get late. He asks what’s the hurry, let him wait, what will you do this time, DNA test failed.

She says I know, but this time I have a fool proof plan, alcohol will make him admit the truth, Shardul will tell truth, I will record it, it will be our proof. He says it will not be simple, if he is Raman, he won’t get trapped. She says he is Shardul, let me go now. She ends call and says Arijit doesn’t know that Shardul told me that he is fooling Bhallas, I just want Shardul’s face. She asks Sunil did he keep the passport. Sunil says yes. She says we will lose the diamonds forever, I will spike Shardul’s drink, I will take him to Mumbai, Bhallas won’t go, you lie to them.

He says I have arranged the cab and luggage, when will we meet then. She says I will send you the ticket when I get diamonds, what happened, I have planned everything, just pray that everything happens as per our plan. Simmi says don’t know where are Natasha and Raman. Aaliya says Raman looks tensed. Simmi says don’t go to him. Aaliya calls him. He says I came early, Natasha didn’t reach. Simmi says you act like you have to go to parking lot, come and meet us. He comes to them. He says I can’t do this, sorry, I want to go home.


Simmi says this was our plan. He says Ishita isn’t here, I feel everything will spoil. Aaliya says we will go if you are tensed, your health is imp. She calls Ishita and says Raman is with us, talk to him. He says Ishita, I can’t do this. She asks why. He says I can’t do this, you aren’t here. She says fine, go home with them, I know its imp to know Natasha’s truth, the person who wants to ruin us, his health is more imp, we can drop the plan, take him home. Raman says stop Ishita, I will do this.

Simmi asks are you okay. He says I will do anything for my family. Ishita asks are you sure. He says yes. Ruhi asks Ishita to relax. Raman goes to the cafe. Simmi sits away. Yug says I didn’t kill him, I m not lying. Inspector says seal this place, who are you. Karan says I m Karan Srivastav, I m going to marry Yug’s sister. Inspector asks what do you know. The man says what will he do, we have seen Yug doing this murder.

Yug says listen to me, I was helping Dr. Mishra, his patient is my relative, doctor was on leave, patient needed prescription, gate was open, I came here, I heard him shouting, when I came to the room, I saw him stabbed, I was helping him and was going to take him to the hospital, I just removed the knife and he lost his breath, I didn’t kill him. Inspector says he didn’t give you info, so you killed him. Yug says I didn’t kill him. Inspector says your fingerprints will be found on the knife. Yug is arrested.

Natasha comes to meet Raman. She looks around. Natasha greets him with a kiss. Raman asks her to sit. She asks how did Ishita leave you alone today, she is always with you. He says yes, I lied to her that I have a headache, she asked me to go home and rest, I came here, sorry for all that. She says its okay. Simmi and Aaliya look on. Natasha says you know what, we shouldn’t talk about others, lets enjoy our date. Simmi gets angry.

Natasha asks what will you have, your fav, whiskey and soda. He says I won’t take any hard drinks, doctors stopped me from that, I will take a juice. She says trust me, nothing will happen, I m there. He says I have temporary amnesia, I want to avoid it. She says fine, I will also juice drink. She orders two orange juice drinks. Ruhi says you are worried for dad, call him. She gets Karan’s call. Karan says police arrested Yug. Ishita gets shocked and stops the car. She asks why did they arrest Yug.

Karan says Yug got the address first and reached there, when I reached there, Dr. Mishra was dead and Yug had knife in his hand, I m taking lawyer there. Ishita says he can’t do this, impossible, I will come to the police station. Natasha drops her purse. She says I got hurt on my foot. Raman asks are you fine. She says yes, my purse. He bends to pick the purse. She adds some pill in the juice. Raman gets Ishita’s call. She says police arrested Yug, come soon. Raman asks what, I m coming. Natasha asks what happened. He says its an emergency, I m doing Raman’s acting, I have to complete some responsibilities. He leaves. Natasha gets angry. Simmi and Aaliya think what happened. Simmi gets the message. She says Raman messaged, we have to leave, come with me. Aaliya asks what happened. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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