Tuesday Update on True Love 29th June 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 29th June 2020

Akash gets down from his car and sits in the front seat of the other car that’s waiting for him. It is Rathore. He wonders why he was called all of a sudden. Rathore gives him a blank cheque which puzzles Aakash. Rathore tells him to fill whatever amount he thinks is right. The wedding should be grand. Nothing should be amiss. It is Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore’s daughter’s wedding and no one should feel like it is some drama.

Aakash gives him the credit. I could buy half of the Bundela House because of you only. I don’t know how I would be able to repay you. Rathore says the day my Mukta has a smile on my face….that day you would be free from any debts or favours. The day Mukta and Meethi get their love….you all live happily that is all that I want. That’s why I am saying that the wedding should be grand. There are going to be 2 weddings in that one mandap. Everything will be fine afterwards. The drama is having its effect. Meethi and Vishnu can speak out everything on any small issue any time.

Mukta is getting ready when Meethi comes there. Mukta initially looks upset but then smiles. You would have come to congratulate me. She gets up herself. I know you are very worried about me / care for me and love me. You have a big heart that’s why you yourself are so happy in my happiness. Thank you so much but right now go from here. I have to get ready so as to go on a date with Aakash. She sits down and resumes what she was doing earlier. Meethi asks her as to why is she behaving this way. I know I got married to Vishnu and that was a biggest mistake. I don’t want you to make another mistake. Mutka tells her not to repeat the same thing over and over. I have heard it a lot many times. Don’t upset me as I have to go out on a date with my would be husband. Go and take care of your Vishnu. meethi has nothing to say so she leaves. Mukku looks angry.

Aakash reaches Thakur house. He is on phone with Mukta. How much do you want me to wait for you? Come out fast I am waiting outside. He notices Vishnu coming in just then. Mukta comes out at that very moment. She meets Vishnu on her way and greets him (with a big broad smile). She then goes and hugs Aakash…apologizes for being late. Aakash compliments her in lower tone…I thought it is only me who loves Meethi like anything but someone else is here too who loves you equally. Vishnu is watching them from far. Mukta asks Aakash if he (Vishnu) is looking this way. Aakash cups her face and says….he is not just getting jealous but aching too…..to be with you. Vishnu looks on jealous and kind of upset way.

Mukta smiles happily. Aakash helps her with the door and wishes goodnight to Mr. Kashyap. Mukta is happy to notice his mood. Vishnu begins going inside. Mutka asks Aakash if he (Vishnu) will turn to look at her once more or not. aakash is sure he would. He would definitely want to know where I am taking you. Mutka gets happy and waits for him to turn. Aakash is super sure he will as he loves you. Vishnu indeed turns to look at them and Aakash tells her of the same. She is very happy. Let us go. They leave from there with Vishnu watching them both go.

Maiyya is having dinner with her sisters who wonder if Aakash wont join them. Maiyya informs them that he has gone to have dinner with her fiancé. She too makes fun of Meethi calling her Makkhi too.

Meethi asks Vishnu if he is hurt seeing Mukta with Aakash. Why are you running away from the truth? I know what you are feeling. He says exactly what you feel seeing them together. Right? She denies. I have promised Anni I wont go back to Aakash come what may. You very well know nothing is more important for me than Anni. I don’t care if Aakash marries anyone but there is no binding for you. You have your whole life in front of you. Your love is waiting for you. Mukta is waiting for you. You don’t have time so please. He leaves from there quietly. She thinks Mukta and Vishnu both are making mistakes. The way to rectify things is wrong. Everyone’s life is getting ruined. what should I do?


Vishnu cannot sleep at all. It is 2 o’clock. He is really worried. Right then he hears the noise of a car coming. He goes to the window to see. He sees Aakash and Mutka talking to each other…smiling and enjoying. He comes downstairs to talk to Mukku. Is this the time to come home? She asks him who is he to ask her this question.

She says I will do whatever I feel like….till whatever time I want to I will stay out. He agrees he has no right over her. But this is a house and there is a time to be back home…especially for girls who belong to good homes. She reminds him that she was out with her fiancé. My dad has chosen him for me so it shouldn’t concern anyone as to till when I am out with him. Should I ask you one thing? You should be with your wife at this hour….in each other’s arms and you are here? Goodnight Mr. Kashyap. Sweet dreams! He stays put at his place as she leaves. She thinks I am feeling good seeing you worry so much about me. It is indeed love! He stands there upset and hurt.

Maiyya is cleaning out / throwing away Meethi’s stuff from Meethi’s room. She is sure that Meethi wont return till the time she is here. Pavitra wants to keep the cosmetics but Maiyya tells her I don’t want any memory of her here in this home. Aakash comes in as she throws a picture of Meethi on the floor. He looks at his mom and then the state of the room. She asks him what will he do with this picture….it is of your first wife. He says she wont understand it. This isn’t about some morals. She calls it diwali cleaning.

He says this is her stuff not some scrap which she is throwing out. She corrects him. You can welcome new things only by throwing out old stuff. It is the culture of Diwali. He doesn’t know about rituals or stuff. I only know that Meethi is still the owner of half of this house. Remember this only. She wonders as to what all to remember. You tell me how will your new wife feel by seeing you holding on to things that belong to your first wife? He smiles. Why do you worry? I will make her understand. Just remember that this is Meethi’s room. You wont touch anything here. He puts the picture back on table and leave. Pavitra calls him mad. Maiyya says my son’s heart has become a big riddle for me. I don’t know what’s going on there. I don’t understand what he is doing.

Vishnu is unable to sleep. He looks at the bed and finds Meethi missing. He comes downstairs hearing the noise of anklets. He notices someone going outside…it is dark so he misses out the face. He follows her. mukta has come out to meet Aakash.

Vishnu is shocked to see them together. They try to act all close and hinting which angers Vishnu all the more. They both are very much aware of Vishnu’s presence. As Aakash tries to get closer to Mukta for a kiss Vishnu comes and pushes him away. How dare you touch her? Mukta stops him. How can you hurt my fiancé? Who are you? What relation do we share? He is my fiancé. I can do whatever I want to with him. What is it to you? You shouldn’t be bothered about it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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