Wednesday Update on Young Love 18th November 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 18th November 2020

Nandini complains the media that they are disrespecting a woman’s self-esteem. The reporter asks Mr. Shikhawat if he is afraid what if Nadini leaves them. Nandini was firm she will never leave her Maa saa and Bapu Saa, she doesn’t care about people; if a girl like hers past can make her future anyone can. She sends the reporters away. Sudha’s mother in law was upset that this news will reach all the city now, she was unaware that they were going to be related to such a family where Balika Vadhu’s live.
The doctor recommends Krish for injection. He wanted to get saved from injection and runs away instead.

Sudha questions Nandini about being Balika Vadhu. Nandini cries it was her age to listen to tales and stories, she was forced to marry in that age. Sudha throws the tray complaining she spoilt her life, how would she marry then. She complains her parents to marry this Balika Vadhu now. Nandini questions Maa saa If she is also angry about not knowing, Maa saa cries had she known this all she would have loved her even more, helping her forget her past. Nandini tells Maa saa Sudha needs this love right now, she stops and asks Bapu Saa if he is so angry he won’t look towards her? Bapu saa says he is angry with those conditions, for them she was born in his family. He recalls the day she came in this house the first day, she was afraid to tell her name for a few days.

Nandini was three months old when she was married, then at thirteen she had to do the coronation of her mother. They didn’t even have ticket for train, the police had taken both her and Shivam to police station for not having a ticket, and were later taken to orphanage. The warden there took them to a children room asking them to sleep. Shivam was afraid, Nandini assures her to be with him always.

The warden had come to shut her mouth, Shivam came in and wrestled with the warden then hit him at the back of his head. He died on the spot, Nandini made Shivam run away from there swearing him to Maa saa. They heard police, Nandini made Shivam run away. Bapu saa had brought Nandini home from the orphanage. She now thanks Bapu saa for thanking her, Bapu saa wishes he would have come a bit earlier, she wouldn’t have to separate from her brother.

Shivam watches the news about Nandini. Nandini didn’t know about Shivam, she was determined to find him one day. Anandi had given her Shivam’s responsibility. She was now worried about Sudha’s proposal. Maa saa comes and assures she didn’t do anything wrong with Hemal, they should have been answered this way. Nandini hugs Maa saa and promises to make it all well for Sudha. Maa saa asks her to go and sleep, tomorrow is a big day for her as a doctor in hospital.

Bapu saa asks Sudha to do breakfast, she was concerned about her proposal complaining a lot came to media that was worth insulting. Bapu saa assures her to talk to Premal, if there is something worth saving in this proposal it will, what came in front of the world was only that Nandini achieved so much after having suffered a lot. Maa saa goes to get yougurt and sugar for Nandini, Nandini apologizes Sudha and assures she will make it possible for Sudha and Premal’s wedding. Sudha taunts Nandini about an affair with Dr. Amit Goyal, everyone see he is after her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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