Wednesday Update on Young Love 26 February 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 26 February 2020

Jagya assuring the villagers that he will do the needful. A woman comes there with her son and reminds Jagya of his promise to get her son employed. She tells that he is still unemployed. Jagya checks with his assistant. He checks and says he shall be employed in irrigation dept as junior collect. Jagya asks him to enquire why he is not employed yet. He asks them to sit and says your right can’t be snatched anyone. Next morning Jagya talks to Mr. Pathak and says Arjun Singh will join tomorrow else this issue will go to CM. Mr. Pathak gets tensed and says he will get Arjun employed and gives his visiting card. Arjun’s parents’ thank Jagya. Jagya says you did right by coming to me. He asks Dhaval to check whether everyone get the jobs.

Nimboli’s caretaker massages Disa’s legs and tells her about the yesterday’s incident. She tells you caught that man. Disa says everyone is done by the devimaa. I didn’t remember anything. I felt as I awake since many hours. Chagani says whenever Devimaa comes in your body, your didn’t remember anything. Chagani says we know whatever Devimaa said through your mouth. Disa says she gets worried thinking she will do something wrong. Chagani says Devimaa will not do anything wrong.

Jagya talks to Dadisaa and says Arjun Singh’s problem is solved now. Shivam calls everyone to have icecream. Abhi looks at Ganga and recalls everything. Ganga asks Shivam to eat as she is making Mannu and Abhi do their home work. Dadisaa asks them to have icecream first. Mannu goes there. Shivam serves everyone and then takes icecream for Ganga and Abhi. He tells that he added more icecream to his cup. Abhi refuses. Shivam asks him to take. Abhi throws it angrily. Everyone get shocked. Jagya asks what is this misbehavior? He tells Ganga to take care of Abhi else he will get spoiled. Anandi says it is not right to blame Ganga. Jagya says it is Ganga’s responsibility to give good values to Abhi being his mother. Abhi doesn’t listen to me at all. I wants her to make him understand.

Akhira’s Singh’s wife come to Kundan and asks him to drink dry fruits milk. Kundan tells that his leg was twisted because of Nimboli. His mother gets angry on Nimboli and massages his leg. He says he will be at peace once he scolds her. His mother says she will scold Nimboli. Ganga comes to her room. Jagya asks did Abhi sleep? Ganga says he slept without eating anything because of your scoldings. Jagya says didn’t you see how he threw the icecream. Ganga says there is a reason for his behavior. Jagya asks her to tell. Ganga tells him everything. She says Abhi was there when Shivam called you. Jagya says I didn’t do this intentionally. When Shivam called me I was free. She says when can’t Abhi get his love. Jagya asks what are you talking about? Shivam is our responsibility. Ganga says she wants to say which he is not understanding since years. Jagya asks her to sleep.

Chagani asks Nimboli to have food. Nimboli hides beneath the bed and says she will have food there. Chagani asks her to come out and have food. Nimboli comes out. Chagani asks her to have food. Nimboli refuses and sits to eat. She is about to take the first bite when Akhira Singh’s wife comes and pushes her plate. She asks why did you give her food? She starts beating her with stick. Anandi stops eating the food and feels bad. She beats him and asks will you trouble my kundan. Chagani tries to stop her. Akhira Singh’s wife(a black spot on motherhood, she should be send to jail asap with her kidnapper husband) asks Chagani not to give her food. She leaves. Nimboli says she is fine. Chagani cries. Nimboli says she will sleep hungry, but can’t see her scolded. She sits on the bed, and feels pain all over her body. Chagani feels her pain. Anandi looks at Nandini’s pic and cries. Nandini is sleep sleeping hungry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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