Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 18th November 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 18th November 2020

Mauli returns listening to Kunal’s concern for Pari while she cried on phone. He reaches home and finds Pari sitting in a corner. He asks what happened. Pari breaks into a laughter and says she made a fool of him, she couldn’t find any other way to call him back. Kunal complains why she did this, he had to drive hurriedly just for her. Pari apologizes saying she missed him. She hugs Kunal and kiss his cheek. Kunal decides to take Pari to clinic from tomorrow. Pari was happy to hear this.

Ishaan was waiting at home when Mauli returns. He was excited about the gifts he brought for Mauli. Mauli tells Ishaan she didn’t go to clinic, she went to Dargah to pray for Nandini’s peace of soul. Nandini was her best friend since childhood, they were aggrieved but she is no more. She has nothing to say or do but pray. Ishaan holds her hand and asks if she went alone? Mauli stares into his eyes thinking about Kunal, then nods that she was alone.

Ishaan shows her the frock he bought for Mishti. Mauli says she went to Dargah alone, but she met Kunal there. Ishaan was relieved, he asks if they are still getting engaged? Mauli asks what kind of condition is this. Ishaan thanks Mauli for being true to their relation, trust is the most important thing in any relation. Mauli replies that she recognizes well how important it is. Ishaan was excited for their engagement preparations. Kunal brought Pari to his clinic. She interacts with his child patients. Kunal asks Pari to spare him with patients and go outside. She grabs his cell phone and runs outside. Kunal apologizes his patients as there was none at home to look after her.

Mauli was ready for the engagement. Dida comes to her room, ready for the function. She gifts Mauli some jewellry. She then asks Mauli to bring a sparkle in her eyes, be silent as a bride but not be sad. Mauli nods in agreement.

Pari was being bored in the hospital and decides to call Mishti. Mauli had just dressed up Mishti and left the room. Pari was excited to see Mishti dressed up nicely and asks what the occasion is. Mishti says her mama had forbidden her to tell anyone about it. Pari says they are bestie and like sisters. Kunal had come outside and wonders whom Pari is talking to. Mishti tells Pari it’s her mama and Popsy’s engagement. Pari asks if they still have to get married. Mishti says it’s their engagement today and soon Pari will also get a card for their wedding. Kunal wonders if Ishaan and Mauli are marrying now, whose daughter is Mishti.

Kunal reaches Mauli’s house and thinks if Mauli isn’t yet married then Mishti is his daughter. Mauli left with Mishti, Dida and Pramilla. They were waiting for the lift. Kunal also reached the lift on the lower floor. He recalls the time Kunal doubted Mauli’s pregnancy, and her denial about it. He decides to know the truth in any case. Pramilla assures Dida she will lock the house and reach venue in time. Mauli instructs her to be careful. The lift door opens. Mauli leaves with Dida and Mishti. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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