Wednesday Update on This is Love 26 February 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 26 February 2020

Simmi saying its a bullet shell, it was in her bag, why is this hidden, gun and bullets will also be there. Mihika says lets search thoroughly, gun isn’t here, this girl is very danger. Aaliya stops Neha and argues. Simmi and Mihika hear them. Aaliya says Yug came back from the hospital and didn’t get the treatment. Neha says he is my husband. Aaliya says he is my husband, don’t say this again. They argue. Simmi keeps the clothes back in the bag. She says we have to tell Raman and Ishita. Neha comes and asks what happened, you look tense. Simmi says its fine. Mihika says Simmi and I were talking about you, Simmi said she believes you, you have a very long life, you came suddenly. Simmi asks what’s happening there. Neha says Aaliya and I had an argument in front of the doctor, he walked out of there. Mihika asks why. Neha says I m feeling bad. Simmi says its not your mistake, I will see Yug. Neha says he is angry, Aaliya is useless. Mihika says its fine, we will take care of Yug. They go.

Simmi gives the bullet shell to Raman. He asks wasn’t there a gun with this. Mihika says we didn’t get any gun. Ishita says there might be some story behind this, we have to find out. Simmi says we need some clue to find out. Mihika says we didn’t get any ID or passport. Ishita says I don’t know what’s her agenda, she might have made big plans. Raman says I will figure it out. Ruhi checks phone and says Karan didn’t message me, he is risking his life. She murmurs. Aaliya comes and says I would have killed Neha, she is troubling me a lot. Ruhi says I want to kill Karan. Aaliya asks why, did he hurt you, I m really sorry, I started talking nonsense, I know I should support you, is everything fine. Ruhi says he didn’t hurt me, he didn’t message me, he has gone to save Raman and Ishita, its so risky, he doesn’t want to send a message. Aaliya smiles. Ruhi asks why are you smiling. Aaliya says I think you are in love. Ruhi asks what nonsense. Aaliya says yes, you have fallen in love with Karan. Ruhi says no. Aaliya asks why are you worried for him, see you have no answer. Aaliya goes. Ruhi says Karan and I, love.

Karan says they are sitting in the room, I won’t be able to find about the meeting. Karan tries to hear about meeting. Manish catches him and points gun. He asks were you spying on us. Raman worries. Karan says no, Shamshad save me, I came to ask, if I can go out and have food. Manish says Shamshad, you trust anyone so easily. Karan makes excuses. He says Shamshad gave me a job, why will I make a mistake. Manish warns him. Shamshad says leave him. Manish asks Karan to have food from the kitchen. Karan thinks he is more dangerous than Shamshad. Raman says Manish has a doubt on Karan. Ishita says tell us when you know the location, we will come in disguise. Ruhi says its Karan’s call. Karan asks did you take medicines.

Ruhi asks him to say, she is fine, work well. He says I will be late today, I m going out with Sir. Shamshad asks whom are you talking to. Karan says my Bebe. Shamshad says fine. Ruhi asks where are you going, are you going out of city. Karan asks where are we going, Bebe is asking. Manish stops Shamshad and says put phone on speaker, are you talking to your Bebe or someone else. Karan says I will talk later. Manish goes to Shamshad. Ruhi asks where are you going. Karan says how many times will you ask, I will tell you. Manish asks him to go out and wait near the car. Ishita says I didn’t find the location. Shamshad asks Karan to come. Karan asks where. Shamshad says I will tell you, come.

Ishita says Karan will get info for us. Ruhi says you guys go, I will update you. Ruhi tracks Karan’s phone and calls Ishita to tell the location. Karan asks where did we come. Raman says remember, I m Ramdeen, Shaina’s driver. Commissioner says we can’t get Karan’s exact location. Karan asks are we in danger, I feel anxious. Manish gets some bag. Karan says how did Manish come here. Ruhi calls Raman and says Manish is also there. Manish takes Karan’s phone and says switch it off when deal is going to happen, I m doubtful about you, Shamshad would keep a trustworthy person, don’t tell this to anyone. Karan thinks how to send my location to Ishita. Raman says his phone is switched off. Ruhi asks them to be careful. Ishita says relax, nothing will happen to Karan and us. Raman says lets see what happened.

Manish says its too late. Shamshad says he would be coming. Some men come there for the deal. Shamshad and Manish meet the man and give the drugs. The man gives them the money. Ishita comes there and shouts stop. Shamshad says Manish, calm down. Ishita asks by whose permission did you strike this deal, I m Shaina Shah, every deal is approved by my permission. She scolds Shamshad. She says I m Shaina, Sahil’s wife, what’s going on here, is Sahil aware of this, tell me. Manish says she is lying. Shamshad says Manish, come with me. Karan says good, say it that she isn’t Shaina but Ishita Bhalla. Manish says you are..

Shamshad says Manish, stop, take your medicines, don’t forget. Ishita says you should deal with me, if Sahil knows, he will kill you. She asks Ramdeen to take the bag from them. Ruhi hears them. Manish says you can’t take this money. Ishita scolds them and says I should inform Sahil, he is Ramdeen, my confidant, talk to him with respect. The man asks what’s happening, Shamshad explain your man. Raman says if they strike a deal without informing us, how will it work. Ishita asks Shamshad to say it, why can’t her man take the bag, if I m Shaina, why do you have a problem with me taking this money. She thinks to make them speak up that she isn’t Shaina and this is Sahil’s business, then Sahil will get punished.

Raman asking the man to show the bag, Sahil’s men won’t respect them, since they aren’t respecting Sahil’s wife. Manish argues with Raman. Ruhi asks commissioner to reach there soon and save them. He asks her not to worry. She prays. Aaliya asks what happened. Ruhi says you also pray that everything gets fine. Aaliya asks what’s the matter, is it regarding Sahil. Ruhi says try to understand. Aaliya says okay I won’t ask, I can light diya in front of Mata Rani, all the problems get fine. Ruhi agrees. She lights the diya. Hetal comes and says sorry, I have done puja in the morning, I will move chunni tomorrow. Aaliya says its fine, we were surprised seeing the other chunni. Hetal says I prayed for everyone. They thank her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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