Wednesday Update on This is Love 5th August 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 5th August 2020

Ishita getting everyone to her clinic. She says we have kept Raman in the basement for his treatment, come with me. She takes them to the secret passage. She gets shocked seeing the room empty. Everyone looks on. Ishita asks how can this happen, there was a bed and all medical machines. Shardul says stop it, how long will you lie. She says he is real Raman Bhalla, my husband. Simmi says you are supporting the wrong person. Ishita says you are supporting the wrong person, why can’t you see. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it, we shall go now, I m feeling uneasy. Shardul and Raman go to her. She says get back you two, we shall go. Shardul thinks Arijit did good work to remove everything. They come home.

Ishita and Raman talk how did this happen. He says once the lab technician comes, we will know it. The man gets the reports. Ishita checks it and gets shocked. Simmi checks the reports. She says the person who is living with us, his samples match with dad’s samples, and this fake Raman Bhalla doesn’t match, so Ishita tell me what do you want to say. Raman says its not possible. Ishita asks Krishna why did he do this for money. He says you know me since years, if you don’t trust me, talk to my Sir, you know him well. He goes. She says that is so smart of him, now he is playing the same move on me, I have changed your sample with Shardul’s and now he is doing the same thing with me. FB shows Sudha asking someone to change the sample. Simmi asks her what’s the truth. Ishita says he is Raman Bhalla, look at his face. Yug says we want to help you. She asks him to believe her. Ruhi asks where is my dad. Raman says I m standing here.

Ruhi says I m talking about my real dad. Raman scolds them. Shardul comes and says they know I m saying the truth, I knew the DNA reports will be in my favor, Ishita how long will you do this, I will solve this confusion, I have a proof. He calls Dr. Sunita. Ishita asks what are you doing here. He says Sunita was your psychiatrist, I thought she should be here now. Sunita asks Ishita isn’t she taking her medicines on time. Ruhi says Ishita has no psychiatric problem. Sunita says Ishita is my old friend, so I was helping her, that man was blackmailing me also, that man gave Ishita many electric shocks. Ishita says no.

Sunita says Raman told me that you aren’t taking medicines. Ishita says she is lying, I wasn’t given any electric shocks. She argues. Ishita says I lost both my friends, why are you doing this with me. Sunita asks why are you not taking medicines. Ishita says you have made Shardul as Raman, please don’t ruin our lives. Sunita gives her sedative and asks her to relax. Ishita shouts and falls down. Arijit says I didn’t tell anyone where I m going, are you my wife or father, just mind your own business. He scolds Bhuvan. He gets Sanjay’s call and says I will give you double rewards, keep me informed. Bhuvan asks what happened. Arijit asks him to just go his work. Bhuvan goes.

Aaliya asks how can this happen. Karan says I spoke to doctor, he said electric shocks can affect a person’s mind after a long time. Aaliya says it means Sunita was saying truth. Ruhi asks how can it happen that Ishita didn’t tell us, she is also a doctor, she can’t neglect her health. Aaliya says its also right. Ruhi says we should talk to Sunita. Shardul says I won’t go anywhere, I will be here. Ruhi says Ishita may need water. Aaliya goes. She gets water and spills it on Sunita. She says so sorry. Sunita says I m fine.

Aaliya says come to my room, I will dry this. Ruhi says Aaliya will make tea, I will call you if there is anything. Ruhi asks Shardul to go and rest. He says I m fine. Ruhi asks Ishita to get fine soon. Yug gets tea for Sunita. Sunita says I was blackmailed by that person because of my daughter, so I couldn’t help Ishita. Karan asks didn’t you see that man’s face. Aaliya says tell us who was he, he has troubled us a lot, you can help me. Shardul asks Sunita to check Ishita, she is alone. Aaliya says Ruhi is with her. Shardul says just help me, I want you to check her once. Sunita thinks sorry, I can’t tell you all about Arijit and Shardul, I can just protect Ishita. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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